Our Mission

To make heaven and take as many people as possible with us.


Our Vision

RCCG, Christ’s Love Assembly (CLA), Oxford …… Building a people of Faith, Nurtured by Grace, Empowered for Excellence


Who we are

The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Christ’s Love Assembly (CLA), Cowley, Oxford is a church based in Oxford for all nations. It is one of the parishes of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa.

We are a People of Faith, Nurtured by Grace and Empowered for Excellence. We are a multicultural gathering of believers who proclaim Jesus as our Lord and Saviour and who are willing to impact on our society.

We do our best by the grace of God to build a people of faith, empowered for excellence and with an unfeigned love for God in a warm, friendly, caring, multi-racial setting where the Lordship and Sovereignty of God is recognized and proclaimed as the author of life and love; To attract the perishing, the individualistic and troubled world back to its God with the unyielding love of Christ.

  1. We are loving – John 3:16
  2. We are caring – 1Peter 5:7
  3. We are peculiar – 1Peter 2:9
  4. We believe in God through Christ Jesus – John 14:6; 5:24
  5. We have the power to pray for the sick to recover through Christ Jesus – Mark 16:16-18
  6. We want to make heaven and take as many people as possible with us – Proverbs 11:30


By bus: Take bus 1 or 5 or 10 or U5 or U1, drop at Shelley road bus stop and follow foot path and direction to Community Centre.

By road/bicycle: Go off Cowley road to Howard road and turn into Ridgefield road towards direction of the Community Centre.

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