As a church, we believe the children are the future of our forward movement. If we will make any lasting impact in the society we operate and the world at large, our children play a key role. Children are a blessing from the Lord. With these blessings also come responsibilities. As stewards of God’s children, parents are responsible for helping children grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Churches have a responsibility toward children, too. Children department provides an environment in which children are safe, are taught at an age-appropriate level, and are encouraged to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. We minister to the spiritual needs of our children through a children’s ministry program. They see to the welfare of the Children during all regular and special services/programs of the church and at their homes as occasion demands, undertake special training and special outreaches for children in the local church. Their teachers are Sis. Lara and Sis. Sandra.

Youths and Singles

This department is geared towards restoring the zeal of the youths for things of God and rekindling the fire of purpose and intercession in the body of Christ. The department primarily organizes youth’s and singles’ programs targeted at providing sound biblical teachings and instructions adaptable to the youth and singles. It provides counsels and supports in various aspects such as education, courtship, gender, darting and relationship matters. It is headed by Sis. Bola ably assisted by Bro. Felix.

Sunday School

It is often said that a prayer-less Christian is a powerless Christian; and that extends to a church that doesn’t pray. As a church that believes in the power of prayers, the Prayer Department organizes the church’s weekly prayer meetings which holds on Wednesdays between 7:00-8:00PM. In addition, our monthly night vigil takes place on the last Friday of the month between 9:00PM-11:30PM. The department is headed by Pastor Morris and assistd by Bro. Sunday.

Choir - Shekinah Voices

The choir department is responsible for leading anointed praise worship and special song offering every time we meet. It is headed by Charles.


This department aims at leading the church to carry out Christ’s mandate that we should go out and make disciples of all nations. It also organizes outreach programs for the church. It is headed by Dcn. Mel.


This department is headed by Bro. Tom, and the department helps to usher members during church services, and most importantly, assists to keep the church auditorium spick and span.This team is led by our able Bro. Tom.

Women’s Fellowship

The women fellowship is the core fellowship for married women, widows and mature singles in the church. The aim is to raise up women with an in-depth fellowship with the Lord, as well as understand the tenets of the Christian faith so as to be a good ambassador of Christ wherever they are. It also equips every woman to be not just a wife, but a “help-meet” for her husband and a blessed mother to her children. In addition, the department prays for all women, encourages one another on regular basis. In addition, gives necessary support to nursing mothers and organizes family outreach programs. The women department is headed by Pastor Chikondi.

Men’s Fellowship

The Men’s fellowship, like that of women’s fellowship, organizes regular programs to educate the men on issues such as faith, love and marriage. They also go on retreat programs in the form of meetings and sports to share God’s Word while having fun. The department is headed by Bro. Niyi.


This department is responsible for welcoming and extending the church’s arm of hospitality to new members and first timers. The department is headed by Pastor Blessing.


The teaching department organizes the church’s weekly Digging Deep and Sunday school on Wednesdays and Sundays, respectively. It is responsible for teaching the unadulterated Word of God to help grow members in their walk with God.

Publicity and Newsletter

It is primarily responsible for publicizing and managing all platforms; online and offline, that represents the image of the church. As a church, we are available on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Zoom, Twitter and YouTube aside from our website. Pastor Christiana is the head of this department.


In collaboration with other departments, organizes biannual Christian outreach festival (film, drama etc) for outreach and discipleship purposes.


The Welfare department is responsible for the general welfare of members. They watch out for the needy in the church and our surroundings. They help the new immigrants into Oxford settle in quickly and effectively. This department is headed by Pastor Yomi.


The treasury unit ensures transparency and accountability in the financial dealings of the church.

Church Protocol

Protocol Department is basically responsible for the general upkeep of any visiting Minister in CLA. As a church, we are as concerned about our members as we are for our guests. Our aim is to make all guests feel at home in Oxford.



The modern-day church needs instruments and other equipments to operate effectively. The head of Technical, Charles, with his several years of experience in a similar capacity, brings nothing but excellence to his role.

House Fellowship

It organizes and facilitates house fellowships in different parts of Oxford and environments. It leads church day out and other activities to promote love and unity in the church.

Our Pastors

Pastors Patrick and Christiana ensure that all of the above are diligently done by the leading of the Holy Spirit and the grace of God.


It identifies visitation opportunities to the nursing homes and other hospices to care and share the good news. It also ensures that every member is visited once a year.