RCCG Christ’s Love Assembly, cordially invites you to 2022 Oxford Power Conference (OPC) and the church’s 15th anniversary.

OPC is a Christian gathering, where the power of God is demonstrated and experienced. Miracles, signs and wonders are bound to happen at this event like in the past events. There will be ministrations of the Word of God and in songs. Come with expectations to be healed and delivered from sicknesses and depression. God is still at work doing miracles, signs and wonders.

See you Saturday 9th July @ 5pm online and Sunday 10th July @ 10.30am (Online and in person).

Venue: 1st Floor, Cowley Workers Social Club, 4a Between Towns Rd, Oxford OX4 3LZ.

Online platform @ FaceBook: @rccgcla and YouTube: https://bit.ly/3AhAr3Z

Make it a date with God!

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